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The journal you'll actually use

JournalBot is a journal that you text just like a friend. It's journaling for those who don't have time to journal.

The simplest way to remember more of your life

JournalBot texts you

Customize the timing, frequency, and types of questions you want to be asked.

You text JournalBot

Use your regular messaging app. Text, pictures, and emojis are all fair game.

Every hero needs a sidekick: the JournalBot app

Home for your thoughts

Your journal entries are private and displayed beautifully. Reminiscing through what you wrote months ago is a joy.

Customizable reminders

Choose what kind of questions you want JournalBot to ask you. It makes journaling as easy as talking to a friend.

Automatic insights

See how your mood and what you journal about changes over time. It's like being able to read your own mind.

Stay updated with what's next for JournalBot

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